Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bordertown (1935), Archie Mayo.

Adventures of ambitious young lawyer-turned casino operator whose principle goal in life is makin' dough and avoiding the boss' nutty wife (Bette Davis). Loved casino boss Roarke whose idea of a great evening out with the wife is getting all his teeth pulled and a pair of fake chompers put in! Pop the champagne, let's make a night of it! (He does).

From the time when it was considered a test of an actor's abilities to play ethnic - Paul Muni (who was not Hispanic) is engaging but the script wavers between being blunt about the obstacles faced by Mexican Americans and caving into condescension. Enjoyed checking out Muni, who did years on the stage beginning with Yiddish theatre but did not make too many film appearances.

Bette Davis struts around the house with her low-slung boobs, trying to get her paws into Muni in every scene. Seems every white woman in the film wants a piece of Muni!

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