Monday, June 29, 2009

Be Kind Rewind (2008), Michel Gondry.

For anyone who respects thrift, the DIY philosophy towards life and the rejection of the notion that anything produced for mass consumption must be offlimits for re-interpretation: here is a flick for you! Starring Mos Def and Jack Black!

This year I caught RIP: a Remix Manifesto, a little National Film Board of Canada production whose thesis is that the clamp down on copyright stifles human creativity (Rule: Culture always borrows from the past). Youtube clip found here: And to paraphrase the "culture jamming" dudes from Negativland as they appear in RIP: if you don't ask to jam mass culture down our throats in the form of commercials, billboards, print ads, jingles etc, why do we have to ask to re-use it? Be Kind Rewind and RIP both have copyright enforcing agents as their antagonists, and both are buoyed by a wonderful spirit of playfulness. Be Kind Rewind doesn't quite delve into the issue much, but props for even having it there in the first place. My big disappointment: no Sweded version of The Jerk! Not even in the Special Features!

Yeah, yay for movies that celebrate movies - takes me back to running around with my Fisher Price camcorder bought during the summer one year as a kid. Wow, for something that ran on cassette tapes - that thing produced some gorgeous black and white!

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