Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Cocaine Fiends/The Pace that Kills (1936), William A O'Connor.

I'm a hophead!
Exploitation B's could sometimes make a few extra bucks as they did for Willis Kent when the money for B-Westerns dried up.  Kent wrote The Pace that Kills first in 1928 and remade it in 1936. It's the story of naive country hicks getting hooked on cocaine, thinking it's headache medicine.  Oh, you crazy kids!  They all party at a place charmingly called The Dead Rat and someone puts their head in an oven.  There are a few scenes that do show the grimy desperation of living on the streets.  Very similar arc as Edgar G Ulmer's Damaged Lives and countless other B pics that masqueraded as being anti-drug and sex but were actually pro-bums in seats. And yes, this is one of the worst prints of anything I've ever viewed (including flicks off youtube).

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