Saturday, March 27, 2010

Night of the Living Dead Live at the Mayfair

Claps to the Mayfair Theatre, our local antidote to everything dull.  Last year, at its grand re-opening in January, the theatre had to turn close to a hundred people away (including me I might add, I was too cold and under-dressed to keep waiting) from its inaugural show: a screening of Fritz Lang's Metropolis accompanied by a live local band.  Last night, just over a year later, a full house was treated not only to live music but voice-actors and Foley artists providing all sound needed for Night of the Living Dead - an interesting experience (don't think I have ever heard an English film dubbed into English before)!   Local microbrewery Beau's Lugtread beer was flowing.  Finally! I have been praying for the Mayfair's liquor license to pass for months - let's hope they add wine and whatever elses to this list soon.  This theatre hitting it right on the head by heightening the social experience of movie watching by encouraging a fun and sometimes raucous environment.  I could have done without the sophomoric racist comments thanks to a d-bag sitting behind me but also didn't feel like going Irish on his ass and risking getting hauled out of the place (how did this caveman find a date to bring to this is my question)!  A personalized video greeting from George Romero hisself was a nice touch.  Keep it coming, Lee Demarbre, Mike Dubue and friends - my favourite way to hear live music is sitting on my lazy ass with a glass of Beau's!   Love the anti-snob attitude and totally willing to pay the $20 for a non-Silver City night out.

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