Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two Weeks to Live (1943), Malcolm St Clair.

Abner Peabody slips down a flight of soapy stairs.

I can't believe anyone ever paid money to see this lame crap!  It's as if that busker guy hanging out next to Aldo Shoes in silver paint somehow made a movie.  Weighted down by an overly convoluted plot and predictable gags (Lum and Abner go to New York to earn back money the swindled out of their Arkansas townfolks.  Lum and Abner are predictably baffled by big city customs) the film's 70-odd minutes seem to never end.  Not even a guy in a monkey suit can change my opinion.  I'm just cranky because I watched Truck Turner which was effin' brilliant - but I can't write about it because I rented it on Apple TVand have no effin' brilliant screen shots to show anyone.  The location work!  The jiggly boobs on the Sondra Locke-alike!  The beautiful Abyssinian kitten!  Uhura with no bra!  Grrrrrrrrr.


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