Sunday, July 20, 2008

Godfather of Soul: everything must go

This one cropped up this week, and relates to my last post. NYTimes writer Guy Trebay describes what the Christie's auction of James Brown's possessions will do for music history:

" is increasingly unlikely that there will be a James Brown museum for writers like Greg Tate and R J Smith, both embarked on biographies of the singer, to visit. And there will be no archive for Spike Lee to consult for a film the director is said to be planning about the Godfather of Soul. There will be no Graceland to contain the clothes and furs and costumes and gold records and awards and record collection and personal photos and handwritten love notes and jail records dispersed at the sale. Perhaps for this reason — and regardless of the jolly media hubbub that attended the sale — a somber aura seemed to hang over the proceedings."

Sad! Apparently the auction didn't even earn as much as expected. Here's the link to the full article:

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