Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whither Direct-to-Video?

Another post in the form of a question: what is the status of the "Direct to video" production? Nowadays they would probably be termed Direct to DVD (sidebar: does anyone ever use "DVD" adjectivally, because I certainly don't). When I was a kid working in a pre-Rogers store in the strip mall, we got monthly catalogues chock full of these contemporary B's - like Lorenzo Lamas' latest, or ones sure to confuse our customers ("Death Ring looks awesome. Wait- who is Don Swayze?!"). We'd scrutinize every page and invariably these flicks - probably quite a good line of work for innumerable non-A listers and production people - would be solid renters for months. But who goes to the video store anymore? I am a born-again apostle for the local company that sends me DVDs by mail and I know that the next step will obviously be emailing a file or somesuch. Surely aside from longer animated products, like Disney's nth princess story, there must be a place in the world for flicks with compromised production values. I guess I am just wondering, even if they're being produced nowadays, how does anyone find them if we're not browsing the new release shelf anymore? If anyone's reading - seen any "good" direct to - ? productions lately- let me know!

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