Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bandolero! (1968), Andrew V McLagen.

I really hate this clichéd mise-en-scene. George Kennedy gets rejected.

This movie deserves to have its exclamation mark revoked. While the late 60s saw directors playing with the genre, whether blowing it into operatic artiness like Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West, (1968) or satirizing it like Burt Kennedy's Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969), McLagen decided to plod on unimaginatively. Two massive stars would save it, right? Dean Martin and James Stewart play brothers (yeah, I would like to know who approved that casting decision). Worse, each scene with the two is lifeless and annoying. Stewart is a moralizing wet blanket and Dean fades into nothingness. We don't even get a song out of Deano!

What is it with mid-60s period movies and the women's costuming? Were women just so unable to live without their false eyelashes? Raquel Welch must have been smuggling something under that ridiculous mane of wig mixture.

I continue to be baffled by the crappiness of this film and need to get my complaints off my chest. Here are a couple more from my checklist: scenes are littered with completely idiotic dialogue with stinkers like, "I didn't do it, he did. But if he hadn't, I would have." And: "I haven't been to Mexico since I left." Finally, I can't believe not even one Bandolero gets a mention in the final credits, not even El Rapeo!

Claps to my significant other who calls out George Kennedy within first few seconds of the film - just having seen the back of the man's head!

Someone cut forty more onions!

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