Saturday, March 26, 2011

City of Fear (1959), Irving Lerner.

Seedy motel rendezvous

I'll admit it:  Vince Edwards is kinda dreamy, hairy shoulders included.  He's great in these cheapie Columbia B's.   His character in City of Fear is not a lot different from the one he played in Murder By Contract:  he's a straightforward psychopath out for kicks with a bunch of square cops on his tail.  In City of Fear, he's busted out of San Quentin with a tin can of what he thinks is pure heroin - but it's is actually "cobalt sixty, the most dangerous radioactive isotope around."  Whoa!  All of LAPD is trying to pin him down using the most up-to-date equipment and scientific methods, to prevent a widespread catastrophe.  The cops are all very humorless and noble, and at one point their big strategy is to evacuate all the children of LA.  Won't somebody think of the children!  The premise is a little corny, and movie flags a bit once Edwards starts sweating and coughing but the great location shots make this a pretty decent little B.

Sarge, the geiger counter is through the roof!  That's OK, I'll use my coat jacket to open the car door.  

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