Friday, May 30, 2008

Seven Men from Now (1956), Budd Boetticher

Lee Marvin is always highly watchable. Lee Marvin with a bright green trailing scarf is mesmerizing. I picked this one up because I had never seen anything with Randolph Scott in it, whose name I have only ever heard sung by a heavenly choir of homesteaders. Scott turns out to be older than I expect, just like Gary Cooper in High Noon: the west was civilized by old guys! OK, so maybe this is one of his later flicks. This is a straightforward but intriguing little movie, another tight one at 78 minutes. Scott accompanies a young couple as they make their way west - also keeping his eyes peeled for seven men he needs to mow down. I might need to get a few more directed by Budd Boetticher, to get a better sense of why he is still highly regarded in the genre.

Best cowboy insult: "gentle."

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