Saturday, May 31, 2008

Warlock (1959), Edward Dmytryk

Fabulous! Strange mix of characters, all of whom had something unusual going on. Made me want to camp out in Warlock for a few nights. Great cast headed up by Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda and Anthony Quinn (who plays a prosperous, co-dependent cripple). Fonda and Quinn are invited to unruly Warlock; Fonda's the highly paid hired gun and Quinn keeps him in "practice bullets" which apparently the $400 a month doesn't cover. The two set up shop until, as Fonda prophesized, the people will no longer want him around. The colour is gorgeous. Composition is magnificent. Dolores Michaels appears in china blue and pinks, looking innocent as a newly iced cake, despite her confession of having tasted whisky "never... once." Yeah, ok, whisky. This was never meant to be some kind of DeForest Kelley shrine site, but here he is in all his western duds, as a solid supporting character.

Cowboy names: Curley, Skinner, Bacon

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